videography & Editing / Filmmaking

In our digital world, video reigns supreme. (If this is news to you, it's time to catch up.) It's an effective way to connect with your audience on a deeper level, and it can convert the curious into customers fast. Plus, the algorithms love it, and we all have to work with those algorithms, whether we like it or not!

But in order to be successful, video content requires two things: skill and strategy.

Whether you need to introduce your brand new business to the world, capture an event, market a product, raise awareness for a cause, or teach an online course, I am confident that together we can tell your story with a beautiful, professional, engaging, and effective video.

Looking to make a video that doesn't fit into one of the categories above? Let's do it. Filmmaking is my life. 

Andrea is amazing to work with and has helped me with a few videos now for both my business and side passion project. The end results were exactly what I was looking for and I am so in love with them.
— Natasha (Whiteout Workshop // My Vanlife Story)

Selected work:

Written, directed, shot, and edited by Andrea Beça:

(Co-)written, directed, shot, and edited by Andrea Beça:

Written, directed, and shot by Andrea Beça (with editing by Sarah Taylor):

Content warning - this is a 10-minute psychological thriller/horror short.

Edited by Andrea Beça:

Assistant edited by Andrea Beça:

Made for CBC and available to stream directly from Brandy Y Productions:

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